Tuesday, November 18, 2008

>>Apparently Unaffected


I'm currently Listening to Maria Mena, kinda hooked to her ryt now ,her music is very unique, like her voice so much shes very talented first song that i heard from her is "sorry" sarap sa tenga tamang timpla hehe ... -inteligent lyrics gave her ***555 , she's on my ipod gotta playlist n sum of her albums u might wanna listen to . Here's my top five fave songs from her...

1. A Few Small Bruises

2. Nevermind Me

3. Sorry

4.I Miss You Love

5. Our Battles

Monday, October 20, 2008

>>Jelly Beans

Kwentong Jelly Beans

Hindi ako mahilig sa jelly beans. Peronung dumating yung jelly beans galingsa kapatid ng roommate ko, naintriga ako.Isang malaking garapon ng jelly beans nasiguro ay mga 1000 ang laman at may 49flavors. Hinanap ko agad yung chocolatepudding na flavor na nakalagay salistahan. Lahat ng kulay brown, kinuhako. Pero hindi chocolate ang lasa ng mgajelly beans na kinain ko. May coffee,may plum, may licorice, may rootbeer…ngunit walang chocolate. Sa kakahanap ngchocolate flavor, hindi ko napapansinang ibang 48 flavors na nasa garapon. Atna-realize ko, ikaw ang the elusivechocolate pudding flavor na jelly beansa buhay ko. Na-obsessed ako sa lahat ng kulay brownna jelly beans. Iyong roommate ko,na-explore na yung ibang flavor. Maybubble gum flavor, may piƱa colada, maypeanut butter, may sizzling cinnamon,may caramel popcorn. Lahat yun,nasarapan sya. Ako, hindi ko pinapansinang ibang jelly beans. Naka-tuon angpansin ko sa brown jelly beans.

Parang ikaw.

Sa kakahabol sa iyo, hindiko na napansin ang iba sapaligid ko. Masyado akong naka-focus sayo, kaya napapalampas ko na ang mgamatitinong tao na nagbibigay interessa akin. Parang yung ibang flavors ngjelly beans na hindi ko natikman dahilang gusto ko talaga eh yung chocolatepudding.

Iyong roommate ko, natikman na nya angchocolate pudding na jelly bean. Angswerte naman niya, natikman nya agad angflavor na gusto ko. Hindi niyahinahangad, yun pa ang napunta sa kanya.Sabi niya, hindi naman daw masarap ungchocolate pudding na jelly bean.Ordinaryo lang ang lasa. Hindi tuladnung mga favorite nyang flavor.Pinatikim nya sa akin yung toastedmarshmallow saka ung strawberrycheesecake, masarap naman. Pero, yungchocolate pudding talaga gusto ko eh.Ganon yata talaga yun. Mas gusto natinyung hindi natin nakukuha. Nung finally natikman ko ang chocolatepudding na jelly bean, napasigaw ako. Atlast, nakuha ko rin ang gusto ko. Pero,nung ninamnam ko ang lasa, hindi nga syamasarap. Hindi sya ganun kaka surpresa.Parang ordinaryong chocolate lang napinalambot. Pero ang saya nung feelingna finally, nakuha ko rin yun. Mataposakong mapurga sa licorice at root beerflavors.

Hindi ko pa natitikman ang lahat ng 49flavors na jelly beans sa garapon.Nangangalahati na ang laman perochocolate pa rin ang hinahanap ko kapagbinubuksan ko ang takip. Fixated pa rinako sa mga kulay brown na beans, kahitna mas appealing ang pink, violet atblue. Madalas, ibang flavor na nakukuhako pero kapag sinuswerte, nahahagilap korin ang chocolate pudding. Oo, hindi worth the aggravation angpaghahanap sa chocolate pudding. Hindiworth ang paghahabol ko sa yo. Ordinaryoka lang naman. Marami pang hihigit sayo. May mga blueberry o cotton candy ostrawberry daiquiri flavors na nilalang sapaligid ko pero hindi ko pinapansin.Pero bakit kapag kakain ako ng jellybeans, chocolate pudding pa rin anghinahanap ko? Bakit kahit na maraminaman iba dyan, ikaw pa rin ang gusto ko?

Hay, siguro dahil sa nakasanayan ko na..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

>>“Between life and death is just 0,003 mm latex”

A few weeks ago, in a cinema, a person felt something poking from her seat. When she got up to see what it was, she found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying "You have just been infected by HIV (AIDS)". The Disease Control Center (in Paris ) reports many similar events in many other cities recently. All tested needles were HIV Positive. The Center also reports that needles have been found in cash dispensers (ATM) at public banking machines. We ask everyone to use extreme caution when faced with this kind of situation. All public chairs/seats should be inspected with vigilance and caution before use. A careful visual inspection should be enough. In addition, they ask that each of you pass this message along to all members of your family and your friends of the potential danger. Recently, one doctor has narrated a somewhat similar instance that happened to one of his patients at the Praia Cinema in Delhi . A young girl engaged and about to be married in a couple of months, was pricked while the movie was going on. The tag with the needle had the message : "Welcome to the World of HIV family". Though the doctors told her family that it takes about 6 months before the virus grows strong enough to start damaging the system and a healthy victim could survive about 5-6 years, the girl died in 4 months, perhaps more because of the "Shock thought". We all have to be careful at public places, rest God help! Just think about saving a life by forwarding this message. Please, take a few seconds of your time to pass along.

Monday, September 1, 2008

>>Blogging Now!

Hello Blogosphere Ako si Itsyaboykorki I'm working somwhere in Makati City. Greet me a Happy Birthday on October 20th, I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall ,I'm a big music fan, I Like Reese's Peanut Butter,Cheetos Puffs and Curly Tops. Get to know me through me, I blog to Express NOT to Impress.