Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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I was at the mall last Sunday to watch resident evil and just to eat out, then i saw smart wireless center so i decided to inquire about my smart bro account , i was just curious why I haven't receive my bill for this month,

waiting time .... 3 minutes]

then i heard >"next please"

>hi i just want to inquire about my bill

>oh! okay account number mo po sir ? "

>uhm... *$#@^%^+#

>ok check ko lang po"

>oh by the way miss I'm thingking about cancelling my service I'm getting better offer from dsl may bundle package kasi sila, a lot cheaper i guess *

>" ahh settle mo lang tong bill mo tapos schedule ka na ng disconnection .... pero sir bat di ka nalang mag renew ng contract for another 2 years.. we have retention offer pili ka na lng , hp printer , nokia o kaya 3k gift cheque ...

>[hmmm~ wala naman talaga akong balak i cancel hmmmm] " uhmm makukuha ko ba nagyon yan pag pumirma ako ???? "

>yes sir !!!

>sige ung 3k ! [ngiti]:D

basa basa ng contract hmmm ... ] [pirma -]

dyarannnnnn ~

Photo by Dubi my sony ericsson w9610i