Tuesday, October 12, 2010

•••• 100/16

16. Join A Contest.

Part of my 100 Things that I want to do before I die is to join a contest, I know it is something that would take a lot Of courage, I never been the kind of person who likes to take Risks, or express what I feel I know I’m not always strong but I’m never afraid, so when I turned 25 I told myself that I Want to change the way I’m living my life that I will say Yes more than no, that ill enjoy every bit of this precious Life, I’m living in the philosophy that I don't need to take life seriously because Nobody gets out alive anyway i just Smile, & the world will smile with me. Laugh & i don’t care if They’ll all think I’m crazy.

Last week was a celebration of customer service in our office It’s a week long celebration, we had doughnut day, photo Contest, charades, fotobrew and Mr. and Ms. Customer service my TL asked me to join , i was unsure, sabi ko "baka magkalat lang ako dun" i was not confident enough ... konting pilit pa then i said "sige na nga" (Sh**t) sa loob loob ko bahala na si batman ..

I didn't win but hell it was fun! i came second for Mr. Ambassador ,
Yves my partner won as Ms. Ambassadress

Link For 1oo Thing's to do before i die . 100