Sunday, October 24, 2010

••• Photo Of The Day #2

‎Sunday, ‎May ‎09, ‎2010, ‏‎2:41:12 PM

The Jones Bridge, formerly known as Puente de Espana (Bridge of Spain)
or Puente Grande, is the first bridge ever built in the country in 1623.
It connects the Binondo/Chinatown/Escolta area
to the center of Manila proper. This was part of my I ♥ Manila II tour last may of 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

•••• 100/16

16. Join A Contest.

Part of my 100 Things that I want to do before I die is to join a contest, I know it is something that would take a lot Of courage, I never been the kind of person who likes to take Risks, or express what I feel I know I’m not always strong but I’m never afraid, so when I turned 25 I told myself that I Want to change the way I’m living my life that I will say Yes more than no, that ill enjoy every bit of this precious Life, I’m living in the philosophy that I don't need to take life seriously because Nobody gets out alive anyway i just Smile, & the world will smile with me. Laugh & i don’t care if They’ll all think I’m crazy.

Last week was a celebration of customer service in our office It’s a week long celebration, we had doughnut day, photo Contest, charades, fotobrew and Mr. and Ms. Customer service my TL asked me to join , i was unsure, sabi ko "baka magkalat lang ako dun" i was not confident enough ... konting pilit pa then i said "sige na nga" (Sh**t) sa loob loob ko bahala na si batman ..

I didn't win but hell it was fun! i came second for Mr. Ambassador ,
Yves my partner won as Ms. Ambassadress

Link For 1oo Thing's to do before i die . 100

Saturday, October 9, 2010

••• JM

"People want to be liked. We all crave attention & affection & we all reject shame. When we get embarrassed we send a thug version of ourselves to the forefront to do our fighting for us. We’re at the top of the food chain just under fear. We don’t want to be in a relationship to hear the words “I love you,” we want to be in a relationship to say the words “I love you.” We want to feel needed, & exceptional & we hate feeling insignificant. We want to ace a hearing test. We are binary creatures; if we’re the plaintiff, we want to win every dollar. If we’re the defendant, we want to guard every penny. We want to make more money than last year. We don’t want to get cancer or die in our cars & we want the same for our loved ones. We go out on weekends to try & have sex while trying not to get punched in the face. We drink so we can be ourselves & not mind it so much. We’re desperate to be understood. We want to know someone else has felt it, too. We hate being judged unfairly. We want to make the person we heard wasn’t all that into us change their minds & admit they had us wrong. We want sunny skies with a chance of killer tornadoes, just to keep music sounding good. We take hours upon hours to admit to self consciousness. We don’t know exactly how to pleasure each other. We just want love. In any & every form. ”

— John Mayer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

••• Witwiww

Life is not measured by the breaths you take,
but by its breathtaking moments.
Good times.