Monday, February 1, 2010

••• One Hundred

Your flaws are beautiful. They’re what make you stand out. Don’t try to be normal, perfect, striving to be something or someone that you will never accomplish. Be annoying, be quirky, be different. In truth, it takes a hell of a lot more strength to resist, than to go along with the flow. Stray from the path. What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter. Let them be boring, let them be the same, as unnoticeable as the people around them. Press all those damn buttons in the elevator, and piss off everyone around you. haHa :p Have fun now.. Wala namang siguradong mabubuhay ng 100 years . . .

1. get a tattoo
2. watch a concert
3. shave my head
4. kiss someone i love in the rain
5. sing in front of a crowd
6. learn how to drive
7. watch a movie alone
8. visit another country
9. help a stranger
10 learn to play the guitar
11. participate in a costume party
12. 100Th entry for my blog
13. learn how to cook
14. take a picture with angel locsin
15. watch a firework display
16. join a major contest
17. ask aimee to visit her mom with me
18. travel with a stranger
19. buy a new gadget
20. buy a puppy
21. put up a business
22. gain up to 140 pounds
23. write a song
24. attend one really huge concert
25. spend a day without any gadgets
26. climb a mountain
27. learn a foreign language
28. get married
29. have your destiny read
30. learn how to swim
31. go to the gym / at least be lean
32. cook for someone special
33. visit an old friend
34. lay under the stars with someone
35. get drunk,really drunk
36. own a car
37. buy mama and papa a really expensive gift
38. visit cebu with pek
39. volunteer for a good cause
40. travel alone
41. watch a movie the my whole family
42. ice skate
43. enter a strip club
44. get my ear pierced
45. surprise someone
46. learn how to dance
47. watch sunset with someone
48. watch the sunrise alone
49. cry because of happiness
50. hug my parents and tell them how much i love them'
51. ride a rollercoaster
52. watch someone sleep
53. spend 24 hours with one person
54. get promoted
55. donate your old clothes
56. ask forgiveness for those who I hurt
57. visit a museum
58. write a love letter
59. dance a sweet dance with the one i love
60. volunteer for a good cause
61. visit baguio
62. wall climbing
63. walk under the moon an a beach
64. surprise someone
65. dine and drink at hooters
66. visit a memorable place and reminisce
67. throw a big party on my 50Th bday
68. read a nice book
69. learn how to paint
70. sing the national anthem
71. visit quiapo
72. read the bible
73. appear in a TV show , movie, or print ads
74. propose to the one i love
75. try a taboo dish
76. watch 10 DVD movies marathon at home with someone i love
77. try go cart
78. make more friends
79. be the boss
80. ghost hunting with friends
81. spend 24 hours with one person
82. move out of the house by 28
83. sleep with a hooker
84. sing in a wedding
85. work abroad
86. make friends with stranger
87. ice skate
88. have at least 50 pairs of shoes
89. see a snow , raining snow
90. Give to a charity,anonymously
91. save some money
92. attend a friend's wedding
93. own a house or a condo
94. create a video and post it on YouTube
95. fart in a crowded space
96. get drivers license
97. go paint balling
98. fall in love , fall deeply in love
99. be happy.. just be happy
100. finish this list


  1. Thanks for dropping by :) i was actually thinking of making my bucket list instead of valentine trend posts this february... kaya lang napaisip ako... mahahalata yatang bitter ako haha!

    Here goes my top 3 list:
    1. Have a picture with the pyramids of egypt
    2. Run in the great wall of china
    3. Bungy jump at macau tower

  2. hi roanne ;)

    woohoo i like ur number 2 Run in the great wall of china that'll be fun ☺

  3. awww...ang ganda po ng post mu ngayun..napakarewarding ang lesson na makukuha..kaso ang haba ng list..dimko yata kayang gumwa ng ganun~! :3

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

    ayu x3

  4. such a nice list. gumawa ako ng 27 things to do last year, dapat before 2010 ay matapos ko - sadly, di ko nagawa. but I still have a whole life to do much more :) hope you get to do all you have on this list

  5. hi best hahaha grabe ang haba ng list sana magawa mo lahat yan hehehe... sama pla ko dun sa list mo hehehe thanks you! hehehe... :) miss you best!

    best :)

  6. zai zai ello oonga sana magawa ko sya lahat :)

  7. best best best oo namn kasama ka ur part of my life eh :) ispeysyal hihihih

  8. hehe ako siguro i bi-beat kita.. mga 1000 :) at ang pang una dun....
    1. matapos un list na gagawin ko heheh


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