Wednesday, February 22, 2012

••• Day 22

day twenty two [ guilty pleasure. ]

Talking about GP, jeez what am i thinking ugh fap fap fap 
that's the reason why I'm always late for work lmfao.
and for the record this is better than Vaseline hahaha
eod 22.


  1. thanks to my teammate Kaye for introducing this to me lol

  2. WAT DA? hahahahaha.. FAp FAp FAp.. nice bro? pede matry? hahaha

  3. yes order na hahahaha lol for real its better than EZ and Vaseline hahaha

  4. Endorser?!? dont like to try it... baka malate din ako e. lol

  5. Wait a sec... Hahaha.. I have the same sunflower oil from Kaye for my scar I got frm my recent sportsfest accident.hehe..didn't think it can be use for... FAP FAP FAP! Hahaha. Naughty boy korki! Haha



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